Lumiglam H - HA Body Filler - seringa 10ml

Lumiglam H - HA Body Filler - seringa 10ml

Comanda instant Lumiglam H - HA Body Filler - seringa 10ml

Lumiglam H - HA Body Filler - seringa 10ml
Lumiglam is manufactured by the famous Shiseido Co., Ltd. from Japan. 
This ground-breaking body filler is produced through an advanced 
cross-linking technology called MCL (Multi-staged Cross-linking) with DVS (Divinyl sulfone). 
DVS is a more compact cross-linker than BDDE resulting in 
ultra-fine bead particles of hyaluronic acid making it more 
viscous and cohesive. 
This makes Lumiglam Body Filler capable of strongly molding the treatment area.

Aside from its strong molding capacity, it can retain more moisture than other fillers, 
earning another beneficial point to its list. 
It hydrates the skin and enhances the volume of the treated body part.

Lumiglam is created with EP-grade raw materials of Sodium Hyaluronate 
leading to its quality and safety approval by the US FDA, Korea FDA, and Japan FDA. 
It has also earned the CE certification that it deserves.

According to the Korea Testing and Research Institute (KTR), Lumiglam does not 
leave any "cross-linker” or residual toxins upon administration because it 
has gone through a multi-degree amphiphilic wash-out technology. 
Lumiglam Body Filler is also reversible when patients become unsatisfied with their results. 
It can be easily dissolved by injecting hyaluronidase.

Each 10mL syringe consists of purified Hyaluronic acid. This stabilized HA has 
undergone MCL by DVS, a patented next-generation cross-linking technology.


It has high viscosity and cohesiveness
Long-lasting results
Proven safe and of high quality
It is removable with dissolving injections
It has a strong molding capacity
It does not leave any residual endotoxins and proteins upon administration.
It has strong hydration properties because of its moisture retention capacity




It has long-lasting effects because of its multi-layer microbead particle size 
which leads to an increase in the cross-linking rate that in turn 
lengthens its duration of effect.

Method of Administration

Subcutaneous or intradermal injection

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